Compatible for all Joomla versions (1.5, 1.6, 1.7)

Login Styles provide stylable authentication module for your Joomla website in Various preformatted styles : Horizontal, Vertical, Popout, Bookmark and Fly in.

Horizontal - Much required format if you want to login from a toolbar or header/footer.

Vertical - Useful for logging from the vertical sidebar.

Popout - This one is a space-saver. It shows just a simple 'Login' button which can be styled. On clicking it opens up the actual interface for the users to login.

Bookmark - The login button will stay fixed on the corner of the screen for better accessibility without taking any space on actual web area.

Fly In - New layout with cool slide-in effect.

You can easily switch between the three layouts from the Joomla backend Module Parameters. Also these can be furthur styled to suit your template skin.

Backend Screenshot

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