Boost your conversions and make profits!

The plugin will create a very slick Scarcity Bar that you can implement on your website. It also has a countdown timer which counts down by the second just how much time your customer has to grab the offer.

It's the most attractive Scarcity timer created, and even has jazzy animation and effects that grab the customer's attention.

How will the Scarcity Bar boost your sales

Do you know how many sales you are losing just because the customer's resistance kicks in and he decides to wait a little longer before coming back to the offer?

It's a very big number! As much as 30% of your sales can be lost due to this factor.

The Scarcity bar plays on the pyschological fear that the person won't be able to grab the offer in time, and the same mechanism that makes people buy like wild during a sale kicks in... Resulting in lower resistance and better conversions.

Scarcity in fact, is one of the most compelling marketing techniques. It's used by big corporations to move thousands of numbers in just a few days. Whenever you see a sale, or a special sales event like Black Friday, that is Scarcity at work.

With this plugin, you'll be able to create a Scarcity effect on your website with just a couple of clicks.

The best scarcity tool in the market

Scarcity Bar is the most flexible and complete tool to create scarcity campaigns on your joomla site. It's got features that the competition hasn't even started thinking about yet.

It's jazzy, it supports images and graphics, it's got animations, and gives you the full control over the look. It even lets you play sound effects, ensuring that every visitor gets the full impact of the Scarcity that you want to create.

Up and running in very few clicks

You don't have to be a programmer to configure this to your heart's content. You will be able to start and finish in a few minutes. It not only earns you money it saves time for you as well

100% Mobile Compatibility

Our bar will appear and work fine on mobiles as it does for desktops. It helps you not retain your visitors and convert them into customers.

Works globally for any time-zone

No calculations needed, you just set the end time you wish the timer to finish and select your timezone. It does all the rest

Fully customisable

This tool lets you customise every detail in an easy and quick manner. It has a very organised manager to allow you to quickly modify it to your heart's content.

Create multiple scarcity campaigns on your sites

It lets you create different campaigns different pages of your site. You just have to publish the module on that page. The module can be duplicated and settings changed for use on a different page.

Dual type of timers

You can select between absolute timer and sliding timer. An absolute timer would end at a certain fixed date and time. e.g. Dec 31, 2014 at 12:00 PM.

While a sliding timer can allow your each visitor certain minutes right after they open your page. Like it would end after 30 minutes regardless of what time your visitor comes on your site

Redirect visitors to an offer page on expiry of the timer

You can even redirect your users to a different page once the timer gets expired - This could be useful to take users to a different site or a page after the expiry of the offer.

Backend Screenshot

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