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New update! Now supports new Virtuemart 3.0 and new themes added.

Do you offer discounts on your Virtuemart shop? Now show an attractive timer along every product you sell on discount. The timer would actively show the remaining time of the discount available on all your products.

Its not just a module anymore (with recent update), it will also help you to make the timer appear also on VM product and category pages.

Sale Countdown timer will showcase your Virtuemart product as an item on-Fire sale and will display a timer showing remaining-time till the end of the sale in real-time. This timer will help you boost your sales and buyers to make a quick purchase while the sale lasts.


  • Light-weight Javascript, standards compliant XHTML code and CSS styling
  • Easily customised to suit the look on your website.
  • Native Javascript with cached selectors and optimised for web.
  • Provides time in muli-formats - hours, and days. You can choose very easily from the backend.
  • Multi-language support : You can easily set it up for the language set up on your joomla environment.
  • Multiple usage on a single html page possible - useful when you have more than one products on sale on a single page.

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Joomla 1.5

Joomla 2.5