groovy gallery for joomla

A Photo Gallery to admire

Looking for something that can show-off all your images and products in a very impressive and eye-catching manner? The Groovy gallery is the perfect solution for you. It's Pinterest type layout will highlight each of your images perfectly in proper size and ratio, and make sure your visitor is compelled to take action on the visuals.

Check out the features in Groovy Gallery.

easy Easy to manage

It comes with an easy Image manager that can create your image libraries quickly and easily. You can set titles, descriptions and even links on each item in the image manager. It's the easiest to use Photo gallery out there.

wall style Wall-style Look

The very web 2.0 wall style look is the latest style statement in photo galleries. You can present a wall of your product photos, article shots, or anything you want.

fast Works Fast, Loads Anywhere

It's responsive, which means it will work on any screen size. Right from wide-screen HD monitors to a mobile phone. It also loads blazing fast. With a minimal Javascript footprint, and tightly written code, it performs better and faster than anything you've seen.

It caches and even resizes your images according to the user's platform, putting minimal load on your servers, as well as the user's computer.

fancy effects Fancy Effects

Want to jazz up the look a bit? With Groovy gallery you can make it as exciting or as simple as you want to. We've got effects like fade-ins, swipes, transitions and much more if it's the fancy look that you want. Choose from our library and make a gallery that will really draw some attention.

support Full Support and Installation assistance

Buy Groovy gallery from us, and you'll never be stuck. If you ever have any problems in installation or setting it up, we'll help you install it on your website. We are 100% committed to our customer's happiness and satisfaction.

fancy effects Watch the video demo

backend options Backend Screenshot

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