JStreet Slide Gallery is a interactive Slide Gallery module based on jQuery. Using this module and standard joomla banners, you can create creative Slide Gallery to put on your website without any scripting knowledge.

This module works together with Joomla banner component for easy slides management. All you need to do is create banners there and use the category/client in our module parameters. The module will fetch the slides and create the sliding banners automagically.

Backend Screenshot

Supports multi-categories and clients:
It supports banner categories and clients to have different content on different pages.

Search Engine Friendly
The XHTML and CSS is optimised for search Engines

Optimised Javascript and jQuery
Uses cached selectors and optimised jQuery.

Easy and flexible Slide Management
The slides are easily managed, and organised by categories, and clients. It can be easily configured for different set of slideshows on different pages.