Flick Menu is the quickest solution for responsive dropdown menu.
Are you looking for a dropdown menu for your Joomla site ? If you want a something which can quickly plugged in and setup without needing you to change dozens of CSS and javascript to look proper with your theme. Flick Menu is easily configured through backend module parameters to match your template colors. Setting up this module is so simple that it doesn't require a programming geek. Its a simplest plug and play solution for dropdown menu that can be.

Flick menu is so easy to use that you would want to setup it as first thing on all your joomla sites.

Full Joomla versions support
Flick Menu supports any and all versions of Joomla. This means that you can quickly install it in all your Joomla based websites - new or old.

Optimised XHTML
Flick Menu uses best standards of XHTML and CSS to ensure your website integrity and Search engine Values.

Made with Mootools (No conflict with other libraries)
FlickMenu is made with Mootools which is a native library used in Joomla. It means that you dont have to worry about javascript conflicts on your page, and it works wonderfully on any joomla version that you may have.

Backend Screenshot