Easy support tickets for Joomla

Integrate customer support within your existing Joomla infrastructure.

Do you run a business and have to handle customer queries and complaints? If you've tried implementing external systems you might already know how expensive to buy and maintaint they are, and of course you will have to train your team all over again for them.

With Quick Support for Joomla, you'll never have these problems again.

This is a full-featured support system based 100% on the Joomla framework. It integrates perfectly with your existing Joomla site, and allows your existing admins to work on your tickets. It's the interface that your team uses daily and is experienced with.

If you're paying a monthly fee for an external support system, stop. You don't need to pay so much money. With Quick Support you will get all the features you need, like instant customer notifications, multiple users, ticket-status, categories, etc.

Quick support is 100% responsive, so it's going to work on all your devices including computers, notebooks, tablets and even mobile phones. Take charge of your support no matter where you are, and what you're doing!

Have a look at some of our exclusive features :

Beautiful and clean interface Beautiful and clean interface

QuickSupport takes all the fuss out of handling support tickets through its clean and logical interface. It works much like the standard joomla components so you don't need any training to use it.

Responsive Layout Responsive Layout

It is designed to be responsive so you can work on it easily on any device - desktop, tablet or mobile. It will be easy to respond to your tickets on your tablet while you are enjoying your vacation.

Instant  response notification Instant response notification

The application updates you instantly when you have a new ticket or a reply on an existing one. It updates your user immediately when you respond back as well.

Supports file attachment Supports file attachment

Your user or you can easily attach files to messages if you have something to send along as attachments.

Intelligent handling of ticket statuses Intelligent handling of ticket status

The application smartly handles ticket status. It understand which tickets ou have already replied to and what all awaits your response. Its easy to handle focus on what is pending and keep away whats not.

Support unlimited categories Support unlimited categories

You can specify any number of categories for your support tickets which users can quickly select when creating the tickets.

Many Extra fields Optional Extra fields available

It allows you to ask for more data wherever needed. You can have as many as 8 extra fields for queries like phone numbers, name, purpose, department, postal address or anything you need to ask your customers while creating tickets.

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